Specialist programme for

perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse

How can we help?

We offer a programme to perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse. We are able to offer the service to any adult who is wanting to change their abusive behaviour and is interested and able to engage in the programme. (See Our Programme for more details.) We support the partners and ex-partners of those who are on the programme, providing them with emotional support, information and safety advice.

– Ahimsa are working in collaboration with our key partners including Plymouth City Council, Respect, and other perpetrator and victim led services across the country. We are working closely with our partners to develop and adapt our service response to ensure we continue to deliver a safe and effective service for all our clients, both on the perpetrator programme and the integrated partner support service.

– If you are at risk of harm or anyone is at risk of harm within your family, please ensure you contact 999. We are not an emergency service.

– If you are unsure about contacting Ahimsa, please do not hesitate.  We can talk everything through with you and if necessary signpost you onto an appropriate service . If you are at all concerned about your behaviour as potentially harmful we would encourage you to seek help.

Please call 999 in an emergency.

I need help

Specialist programme for perpetrators of domestic violence

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Partner Support

Support and advice for victims of domestic violence

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Awareness training for professionals working with perpetrators of domestic violence

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We support individuals to develop non-violent and loving relationships.

We have more than 25 years of experience in this field of work, providing our services to the Devon and Cornwall area.

We can support individuals in a heterosexual, gay, lesbian or transgender relationship, whether the perpetrator is male, female or non binary. 


What locations do you work in?

Our programme and all face to face support work including group work and (ex) partner support takes place in our office in Plymouth. We provide our services to the Devon and Cornwall area.

Is this the right programme for me?

If you are abusive in your relationship and you recognise a need to change this behaviour then this is the right programme for you.

Will my (ex) partner know what I am getting support for? Know what I say?

Everything is treated confidentially with the partner support worker, unless there is a concern for the safety of an individual or a safeguarding concern, you will always be informed if there is any concern.

How we have helped others

I’ve learned so much about myself and why I’ve behaved the way I did and how I’ve affected ex-partners and children with my violent and abusive behaviour. Since I started Ahimsa a lot has changed’.

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Call us if you are unsure if the programme is for you. We can help you to reach a decision if you want to make a self-referral.
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