Our Programme

The purpose of the programme is to challenge and support perpetrators of abuse to cease their violent and abusive behaviour to become responsible and loving human beings.

Our programme

We understand that it is an anxious time, recognising that you need help with your abusive behaviour. Some individuals may have been abusive for decades, we are here to support you step by step and help you find the right tools to prevent you from being abusive in the future. We are here to help you get back in the right direction.

We can support individuals in a heterosexual, gay, lesbian or transgender relationship, whether the perpetrator is male, female or non binary. 


The most basic level you need to recognise and accept full responsibility for your own actions, attitudes and feelings and express a desire to change your behaviour and attitude to stop any abusive behaviour. We would encourage you to get in touch and talk to one of the team initially about your personal circumstances if you are unsure if the programme is for you or not.

A prior requirement for attending the programme is that you give Ahimsa the necessary information that will allow the support service to contact partners who have recently been, or are currently in, an intimate relationship with you. This also applies to any future relationship you may get into whilst being on the programme, so that during your time on the programme the support service will contact any future partner. You are required to give similar information regarding all previous partners with whom you have children, where there is contact or attempts to gain contact with these children.

(Ex) partners

All the (ex) partners who have or have recently had some level of involvement with the individual can be given information about what the treatment programme can and cannot achieve and what it involves. Our position is that the individual is 100% responsible for their violent and abusive behaviour, and the work with them follows on from this.

Our aim

Our aim is to help you to achieve a loving and fulfilling non-abusive relationship whether in your current relationship or in new future relationships.

Please follow this link to read testimonials from clients who have successfully completed the programme.


What actually happens on the programme?

We initially have an assessment session where you meet with the programme coordinator to assess suitability. You will then attend approximately 6-8 one to one sessions before you join the group. You then join the group for thirty sessions.

We understand that it can be an anxious time joining the group for the first time, however most clients feedback that they found the group work the most beneficial as you receive peer support and everyone on the group is in a similar circumstances.

Is this the right programme for me?

If you are abusive in your relationship and you recognise a need to change this behaviour then this is the right programme for you.

I think we both need help. Are we both responsible for the abuse in our relationship?

If you are acting abusively in your relationship whether verbally or physically then you need to be on the programme to change your behaviour, regardless of others behaviour. In order for you to progress on the programme it is important that you recognise you are responsible for your abuse as a starting point.

Call us

Call us if you are unsure if the programme is for you. We can help you to reach a decision if you want to make a self-referral.

How we have helped others

I've learned so much about myself and why I've behaved the way I did and how I've affected ex-partners and children with my violent and abusive behaviour. Since I started Ahimsa a lot has changed.

It’s been tough sometimes getting to the group sessions as family life is quite busy. When I get here I feel that it’s worth all the stress and rushing around.

Before I came to Ahimsa I didn’t know what feeling vulnerable was and would get angry and attack people, abusively even violently. The one to one sessions before I started group helped me see the build-up of anger before I would explode and kick off. I started to look at the abusive relationships I had been in and situations I had caused to get my own way.

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Call us if you are unsure if the programme is for you. We can help you to reach a decision if you want to make a self-referral.
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